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All our schools benefit from a bespoke approach which is tailored to the needs of each school and enables the school to focus on the teaching and learning of pupils. Please browse the brochure below for a full overview of the services and support we deliver.

If you would like to contact the Trust about becoming an EPT school, or if you would like to find out more about our work, please call 01254 790026, email, or click here to complete our quick enquiry form.

“I honestly cannot fault EPT, they are light years
away from our former Trust.”

“Keep doing what you are already and continue to introduce good practice of management and teaching among the schools within the EPT.”

“I can only base my answers on my experience at Coal Clough, but if this is representative of the wider Trust, then I couldn't recommend it more highly.”

“I feel my role has been well supported by the central team. I cannot think of any improvements.”

“Keep doing what it’s doing.”