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Could you supply goods or services to our Trust?

The Education Partnership Trust have several current and future procurement and supply opportunities across the Trust schools and centrally, with sites in Atherton, Blackburn and Burnley. If you believe that you or your business can offer goods or services at a competitive price, please feel free to complete the form below. This will ensure we have up-to-date details so we can keep you informed on supply chain news and tender opportunities relevant to you and your business, and understand how best we can work with you.

We follow best practice as set out in the Academy Trust Handbook and other national guidance when purchasing goods or services, including taking advantage of nationally agreed frameworks where appropriate.

We are interested in building trusted partnerships with a wide range of local, regional, and national businesses. The information you provide will help to inform our approach to supply chain engagement.

We are NOT currently active in the market for any procured services. When we begin our next procurement process, we will consult our responses to this form first.

Please do not cold call the central office or any of our Academies as you will only be redirected to this form